I established the company in 1992 and Ihave been leading it since then.

Initally, we accomplished orders betweenHungary and Western European cities, mainly in Italy, Germany and England, onbehalf of producers and trading companies in the region.

When Hungary joined the European Unionin 2004 new opportunities appeared so we took advantage of it and opened towardnew markets.

As a result of this we preform roundtrip orders between Italy and the United Kingdom since 2004 as a partner of LKWWalter AG based in Austria.

We also take transport  tasks between Italy and Hungary according toorders of other clients.

At the moment we make dry goodstransport with 14 semi truck and trailer combination. Our vehicles have the highest rated environmental EUR VI emission norms and equipped with satellite fleet trackingsystem.

Our current purposes are fleetdevelopment and the highest level service of our existing and futureclients.    

Zsolt  Nádudvari